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    When you add or edit a class and choose Sunday School, you get the radio buttons to select Sunday School Adult, Sunday School 14-18, and Sunday School 12-13.  I haven’t been trained on the new youth curriculum, but as near as I can tell, there are not differences between 12-13 and 14-18 for the Sunday School curriculum. Therefore, I’m wondering why it’s set up this way. Of course, in the original Lesson Schedules , I didn’t understand why these radio buttons existed and someone from the church confirmed they had no function associated with them, but that they may be used for something in the future. My take on the matter would be to get rid of the radio buttons entirely and just show Youth Learning Outlines on the manuals. If you want to keep the radio buttons, I suggest just “Sunday School Adult” and “Sunday School Youth”.

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    you get the radio catches to choose Sunday School, Sunday School 14-18, and how to get approved for amazon restricted categorieshaven’t been prepared on the new youth.


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    This should help in school building renovations

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