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    Airbrush is just a small and air-operated tool that is used for spraying paints through compressed ears. There are usually 3 main categories of airbrushes that are feed type, mix type, and trigger-action type. Many people do not realize that there are versatile uses of an airbrush. A good airbrush can also be used as an artistic application or you can even use it in DIY projects. It can lead your artwork to the next level. Nowadays, the use of airbrushes is quite common in fashion industries. They are looking for its kits to craft fashion accessories and use them for custom clothing. However, it is also one of the best tools to customize your shoes. Wooden toys, boxes, and other fashionable T-shirts. The airbrush now become the choice of many artists, whether they want to create canvas art or personalized coasters. What do you know about airbrush?

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